A Criminal Justice Attorney Can Be A Great Benefit to You

judgeBeing charged with any type of crime is a big deal because it goes on your record, and that will make a big impact in your life, especially when you are trying to find a job. So in order to avoid something like that, you need to be very careful, and most importantly, you need to find a dedicated, 100% committed and very experienced criminal justice attorney to represent you. To help you understand the process, we have decided to explain in three steps the big process, which we hope will help you out in terms of knowing what to expect.

1. The very first step is preliminary hearing- this means meeting with your lawyer and going to court where the charges against you will be read. You will have the option to say “guilty” or “not guilty.” If you choose the second option, your lawyer will then fight for your rights and will try to win your case. A bail may or may not be necessary as long as you promise to show up in court at the set date. During a preliminary hearing, your attorney will try to resolve the issue, and if that does not happen, a judge may grant one or two dates for your case, but some may offer more. A plea bargain might be offered, which is a compromise, or in most cases, an agreement which results in a settlement of your case. Both attorneys will be present- yours and the district attorney. The judge will be also present. During the hearing, if there are witness, they will be questioned by both attorneys. Depending on the crime that was committed, there may be 12 jurors who will decide your fate, or it could be only the judge. But in either case, your attorney’s job is to dismiss the case, although that is a very rare case. Your attorney’s job is to find every possible weakness by exposing inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case.

2. Second Felony Pre-Trial, that means that everything that was not resolved during the first arrangement might be resolved during the second one. During the Pre-Trial, motions will be prepared and filed, which means new evidence will be presented from the prosecutor. And again, settlement, plea bargain or compromise will be presented to you. And if you deny them, your attorney will keep trying to weaken every piece of evidence and/or witness in order to dismiss the case. If your case is still not resolved, then you will go to step three.

3. The Trial- that is when 12 people will decide if you are guilty or not guilty. In this case, the prosecutor will have to prove, without a reasonable doubt, that you are guilty on every account for the crime(s) you have committed. There are three scenarios: the first one being, not guilty, which means that you are free and the charges against you were not accurate and valid. The second is that you are found guilty, which means that all 12 jurors agreed that you have committed the crime that you are accused of, without a doubt. The final scenario is a Mis-Trial. That means that the 12 jurors can’t agree whether you are guilty or not. In that case, the judge will declare mistrial, which means that the district attorney will start all over again with your case. If you have been found guilty, the judge will then decide the right punishment for your particular case.

This process can take just several months to be resolved or up to a year, all depending on the type of charges, evidence, witnesses, etc. So if you are located in Chicago, IL and need a criminal justice attorney who will represent you fairly and professionally, make sure you call Law Office of Neil Kauffman at (773) 384-6399 today.