Several Things to Avoid When Looking for a Criminal Justice Attorney

Hiring a good lawyer is the first thing you should do when charged for a serious crime. Lawyers know the laws and regulations better than anyone else, and that’s why they are the only ones who can get you out of trouble. Unfortunately, not all of them are the same. Although most will try to provide the best services, others will only seek to part you from your money. It is crucial that you find a reliable and trustworthy criminal justice attorney, and for that, you have to know what mistakes to avoid.

Never hire a lawyer who cannot (or would not) provide you with a written fee agreement

In most states, there is no standard way to charge criminal defense clients. This gives lawyers a free hand in dealing with the way they get remunerated. Some attorneys will represent you in only limited aspects of your case, others will charge you a fee to only negotiate your case (that fee may not include trial), and some will accept a fee for only one court appearance. Whatever the case is, you should have this basic information in writing. This is your money and your life. You have to know exactly what are you paying for.

Be aware of lawyers who contact you first

In our business, we call these people “ambulance chasers”. In many states, soliciting business from a person that you know needs legal advice is forbidden by the law. However, even if it isn’t, doing such thing is just unethical. If a lawyer is good, he/she won’t have to chase cases. People in need will contact them for their services.

Steer away from lawyers who quote you fees without knowing your case

In order for a criminal justice attorney to be able to give a quotation, he/she must first need to get familiar with your case. In general, lawyers who charge flat fees, regardless of knowing what the case requires usually charge too much.

The bottom line is that you should select your attorney carefully, and in order to do that, you have to ask them a series of questions related to your case. Law Office of Neil Kauffman provides quality and reliable services for all people in need. If you have any questions, call us at (773) 384-6399 or pay us a visit at our office in Chicago, IL.