The Right Labor Relations Attorney for Your Case

You are probably wondering what a labor relations attorney isand what services such lawyers offer? Well, they can help you with discrimination claim, wage violation, work stoppage, or other unfair practices concerning everything that has to do with labor. Law Office of Neil Kauffman is a very well-established company that offers rates that you can actually afford. With over 30 years of experience serving Chicago, IL and Suburbs as well as the surrounding Counties, there is no case that is too difficult for a team of real professionals like ours. As you can see, we have very extensive experience and have solved countless of cases, which means that we have what it takes to win your case. Everything we do is performed with precision and attention to detail because even the smallest piece of information could mean the difference between losing and winning. So whatever your case is, rest assured that you will be in reliable, responsible, and professional hands.

work injury claimBesides dealing with labor issues, you can also reach us if you need an injury attorney. You will need such a lawyer in case of physical or emotional injury. Meaning: physical injury is caused by car accidents, for instance, and emotional injury means any type of harassment. In the scenario that you are accused of causing such damage, we know how to gather evidence and defend you so that you will not be held liable for something you didn’t do. Keep in mind that these cases are about “he said, she said,” so having the right professional by your side is of vital importance!

If you have problems at work – for instance, you feel that your employer has treated you wrongly, then you have the full right to seek help and fight for your rights as an employee. Keep in mind that the same thing works in reverse. If you are an employer who needs to terminate the contract of an employee due to unsatisfactory performance or any other reason, you will definitely benefit from the services of a professional labor relations attorney.

So, if you need any of the services listed above and want an experienced lawyer in Chicago, IL to handle your case, then you should call Law Office of Neil Kauffman!