What the Differences Are with Plea Bargaining from a Reputable Criminal Justice Attorney


Accepting a plea bargain which is advised by your criminal justice attorney does come with some distinct advantages and disadvantages. Even though it saves the time and money spent on a trial, it does usually mean a defendant needs to plead guilty to some type of crime. Most people sometimes wonder if justice is actually served when someone pleads to a lesser offence, and given lighter punishment than they may have if they have  been found guilty of an original offence.

 When someone is accused of committing a crime, there is every chance that their lawyer and prosecuting attorney will try to work out a deal. With a plea bargain, the defendant will actually plead guilty to another crime, lesser than one they have actually been accused of. Which means no trial will happen and the defendant will be convicted of a crime once they have entered a plea of guilty or of no contest.

When there is evidence that a crime has been committed, an individual could be willing to admit to lesser crimes; however, an innocent person may not be as willing. They would still claim guilt for a crime, and this may have serious repercussions. Someone who is innocent could chose to go to court; however, there could be pressure placed on them from lawyers to prevent this; however, ultimately, it is the accused’s right to choose. The defendant’s lawyer may try to convince them that if they plea bargain, the accused will not receive any jail time; however, even without the incarceration, someone who is innocent will be admitting to a crime they didn’t commit. This means having a criminal record, being on probation, paying a fine immaterial of their innocence.

The defence attorney will also benefit from plea bargaining, thus avoiding an expensive trial. They will reduce the charges against their client.


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